Remote UX Research

Analytics Review

Analysing web usage data or mobile usage data, and making recommendations.


To make the most from Analytics data, UX professionals need to integrate this data where it can add value to qualitative processes. Analytics has traditionally been used to inform marketing strategy and tactics, but now I see more usability and user-experience professionals relying on this quantitative-data source to aid in research and design. The biggest issue with analytics is to manage the incredible amount of data as it can very quickly become a distracting tool.

The ability to review analytics remotely assumes that you have access to the data, wherever you are. This can be a particularly complex issue to solve if you’re a remote worker and your job is on an intranet or similar.


  • Google Analytics (web)
    Do you need details for this?
  • AppAnnie (mobile)
    Useful market data solutions and app analytics to find business opportunities
  • Userzoom
    Helpful to get actionable qualitative and quantitative User Experience insights.
  • Quantcast
    Helps you understand, reach and influence your customers and the potential ones.
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
    This tool gives you a set of integrated digital marketing solutions available, helps you organize, access, and personalize your marketing contentwith deep insights into what’s working with your customers or not across every channel.
  • Angelfish Software
    A software that provides visitor details and data security with intranets, SharePoint and Google Analytics.
  • Clicktale
    Transform your customer digital language into insights.
  • Inspectlet
    Records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do.
  • Kiss Metrics
    Understand what people are doing on your website and deliver behavior-based emails to engage them every step of the way.
  • Lucky Orange
    All-in-One Conversion Optimization Suite.
  • Mix Panel
    Deeply understand every user’s journey with instant insights for everyone on mobile and web.
  • Woopra
    Builds a comprehensive profile for every single one of your users, sync your customer data and track all customer activity.


Crafting online surveys to solicit feedback from users.


A UX researcher is constantly asking: what do users experience while using this product. Why did they choose it? How do they use it? In order to write a proper survey you need to answer three kind of questions:

  1. what do I want to know?
  2. who do I want to ask?
  3. how will I use the responses?

There are no logistical hurdles to creating and delivering any kind of survey remotely.


  • Qualaroo
    Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo website surveys uncover customer insights that lead to better business results.
  • Polldaddy
    Helps you create surveys and polls that match your brand, budget, and vision.
  • UsabilityHub
    Do you need to settle design debates with data? Remote user testing to help you make confident design decisions.
  • Uservoice
    Helps you build products transforming product feedback into intelligent data to drive strategies.
  • Userzoom
    Insights from statistically significant data
  • Wufoo
    Online forms the easy way.
  • Clicktools
    Enables you to collect and act on customer feedback along the entire journey
  • Emolytics
    Install the quick customer surveys on your website, immediately understand your customers with in-depth reports.
  • Feedback Lite
    Build and publish user feedback widgets on your website.
  • SurveyGizmo
  • More than 40 question types.
  • Surveymonkey
    Easily create, send, and analyze surveys
  • Survicate
    A fhe fast way to collect feedback from customers.\
  • YesInsights
    Discover what matters most to your customers, clients and prospects.

Competitive Analysis

Performing an audit of competing websites and apps, conducting user testing to be able to write a report that summarises the competition landscape.


Effective web design, from the simplest brochure website to the most complex web application, needs to involve an understanding of context. If the competitors are websites or apps there is no problem to work remotely.


  • Google Docs
    Or anything else to help you built inventories, label, rank and organize results.
  • Silverback
    Guerrilla usability testing on the Mac.

Heuristic Evaluation

Evaluating a website or app and documenting usability flaws and other areas for improvement.


Usability evaluations of websites are made remotely. A good method for determining how usable a site or app is working through a checklist and relies upon the practitioner being sufficiently experienced to judge whether something is usable or not.


  • Google Docs
    Or anything else to help you fill a checklist.
  • Microsoft Excel
    Or anything else to help you fill a checklist.

Content Audit

Reviewing and cataloguing client’s content.


Performing a remote content audit assumes that all of the content is already online, if not better to organize a flight.


  • Google Docs
    Or anything else to help you built inventories, label and organize stuff.
  • Microsoft Excel
    Or anything else to help you built inventories, label and organize stuff.

Contextual Enquiry

Interviewing users to understand their tasks and challenges in the exact location where they use your website or app.


Successful contextual enquiry needs to happen in person, but if the project allows for it then you may be able to utilise technology to bridge the communication gap conducting interviews using Skype or any other communication tool.


  • Screen recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Notes

Usability Testing

Testing users in front of your website/app and asking them to perform tasks thinking aloud.


Usability Testing is something that works best in-person. Remote user testing services such as Loop11 and have a place, if utilised appropriately. The big downside of performing remote user testing is that the session is not guided. If the participant hits a hurdle and can’t recover, you can’t jump in and help them out. It may be possible to overcome this by conducting the session using screen-sharing software, but I haven’t tried this personally.


  • Silverback
  • Screenflow
  • Loop11
    Informed design decisions built from numbers & stories
  • UsabilityHub
    Remote user testing to help you make confident design decisions.
  • UserTesting
    Get videos of your target market using any site or app, in one hour.
  • Userzoom
    Make UX research with the powerful combination of user videos and data.
  • TryMyUI
    TryMyUI user testing results consist of video recorded from the user’s screen, with real-time narration captured via their microphone.
  • WhatUsersDo
    A platform that helps you understand how your customers engage with your website or product.
  • Helio by ZURB
    Easy quick reactions on your designs.
  • FileSquare
    Impress your clients with click-through mockups and collect feedback on your designs.
  • Forsee
    Measure customer experience and link improvements to business outcomes – with proven science.
  • Koncept
    One-stop Solution for Prototyping and Usability Testing
  • Lookback
    Simple, powerful user research
  • Usabilla
    Improve your digital channels with user feedback.
  • UserBob
    Users will record a video discussing their visit to your site or app.
  • Userfeel
    The usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app.
    Not expensive remote user testing.
  • Validately
    A comprehensive solution for user research that includes a dedicated testing platform, recruiting services, and automated reporting.