Tag: UX

  • Testing Online

    The purpose of this article is to collect a series of platforms that allow you to carry out usability test remotely. Usability tests are excellent for analyzing user behavior on websites or applications and allow you to see how interaction occurs through screen and / or webcam recordings. Here is the list: UserZoom UserTesting UsabilityHub…

  • Online Surveys

    Some of these tools are geared towards conducting company-wide surveys, while others can be used for smaller group satisfaction surveys or screening of research participants. Survey Monkey SurveyGizmo Google Forms Google Surveys Typeform Survicate YesInsights Survey Legend

  • Typography Resources for UX Designers

    Your users deserve a type expert, this list of free typography resources for UX Designers may help you. Typography is entwined in our everyday lives and there is no avoiding its omnipresent power, it plays a vital role in user experience design, can be used to define a brand and helps to deliver information. A firm…